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Electric Lock Down Wheelchair Securement and Safety

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Wheelchair Driving or Passenger Safety Equipment

Our goal here at Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA your New England Ez-Lock adaptive mobility equipment dealer, is to provide our customers with access to the best sales, service and repair of all the leading mobility vehicles, hand controls, wheelchair tie downs and devices that can offer them greater freedom and independence.  We provide a full line of VMI, or Vantage Mobility International products, and we have a team of Certified Mobility Consultants who are always ready to help you learn about the benefits, advantages and safety features of full sized handicap vans, new and used wheelchair vehicles, Ricon lifts, and more.

At Automotive Innovations Massachusetts, we can help by recommending important mobility equipment such as Ez Lock wheelchair lock downs.  We have a wide variety of used handicapped vans in stock and we accept trade in vehicles as well.  All of our mobility vehicles offer tie downs and other important safety features.

Automotive Innovations is a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association as well as a preferred dealer for VMI in the New England area.  Whenever you contact one of our Certified Mobility Consultants, you can rest assured that you are contacting a professional team member who will always offer the highest quality service in the business.  We adhere to the highest standards in the industry so that we can always provide our customers with the best service possible.

We Know Wheelchair Docking Systems...

For those who rely on their wheelchair as seating in their vehicle; the EZ Lock system is the absolute best solution for travel safety and security.

The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System easily secures a wheelchair to the vehicle floor
; saving you both time and effort.

Even better, the automatic docking base allows the user to lock the wheelchair into place without the assistance of others. No more struggling to cinch the straps down; no more hassle. We do our best to make it easy for you to meet your mobility needs; whether your driving or just enjoying the ride.

EZ Lock is perfectly suited for both wheelchair seated passengers and drivers. In fact, no other adaptive device provides for more freedom of mobility, or enhances the user's overall level of independence, than the EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System does.

You can also have confidence that the EZ Lock installed by Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA is a tried and true system, with more than two decades of proven performance.

The EZ Lock the wheelchair docking system is one of our many specialties. Our focus, coupled with knowledge and professionalism ensures that you get the finest docking system available.

EZ Lock... & Automotive Innovations products you can trust; Performance you can count on.

How It Works...

Using the EZ Lock Docking System simply requires that you guide your wheelchair into the docking base until the interfacing bracket attached to the wheelchair locks securely into place.

Here, the docking pin attached to the demo “wheelchair” is aligned and ready to engage the docking base.

The “V” shaped structure at the opening of the docking base helps to guide the wheelchair into position.

Locks the Wheelchair Securely into the Docking Base...

Once in position, just pull forward a few inches and the wheelchair engages the docking base. The pin attached to the interface bracket is captured by a pair of steel 1/4” locking levers and is securely held in place by the docking base.

Interface brackets are available for many different wheelchairs, including both power and manual models.

Once the wheelchair is securely locked into the docking base, the dependable ECU-3 electronics monitor your docking status the duration of your trip.

Electronics You Can Count On...

Our electronics have a reputation for dependability. The touchpad control has an array of clearly visible indicators to monitor the docking status of the wheelchair, an audible alarm, and large back-lit buttons for release and system deactivation.

The green light indicates the wheelchair is fully engaged in the docking base. The yellow light indicates the wheelchair is NOT fully engaged with the docking base. The user must exit the docking base and re-attempt until fully engaged.

The flashing red light indicates the system has been deactivated for occasions where the docking base is not occupied by a wheelchair. The “deactivated” mode is only used when the docking system is NOT occupied by a wheelchair. The audible alarm and release are disabled in this mode. To release the wheelchair from the docking system; turn off the vehicle’s ignition and press the release switch.

A Proven Record of Success...

At EZ Lock we refuse to cut corners when your safety is at stake. We use only the highest grade materials; from the sturdy all-steel construction of the docking base...to the refined, nearly "bullet-proof" control electronics.

Convenience is one thing, but confidence is quite another, and you can be confident that the EZ Lock has what it takes to protect you. The EZ Lock Wheelchair Docking System has demonstrated it's effectiveness countless times... in the test laboratory and on the street. 

The BL-7317 Docking Base

The enhanced BL-7317 Docking Base is a product of our more than twenty years of research and hands-on experience.

The basic design is based on the time and street proven performance of the BL-6290 Docking Base with the addition of advanced features that promote a longer service life as well as simplifying routine maintenance.

Hardened Steel Reinforcement

Detachable Locking Mechanism for Maintenance & Service

Accepts the Optional Remote Cable Release

Durable Powder Coated Finish

Includes the Dependable ECU-3 Electronics Package

The BL-7317 Docking Base sets the standard for the next generation of wheelchair securement devices.

Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, Massachusetts builds Advanced Driving Controls, or "High-Tech Driving Systems", creating options for wheelchair drivers with higher levels of disability. Automotive Innovations driving controls are truly a custom mobility solution for todays quadriplegic driver. As a result, the key components of these systems are combined, fitted and installed based on an extremely thorough process developed over more than 20 years of evaluation, prescription and fine-tuning experience.

We have been a leader in the adaptive mobility equipment industry

Automotive Innovations has designed, manufactured and installed adaptive mobility equipment, advanced assistive technology driving controls and mobility aids for individuals with disabilities to enable them to drive safely for more than 25 years.

Our mobility driving controls and technologies have been accepted by the Federal Veterans Administration Agency for sale and distribution throughout the United States for more than 20 years.

We are a leading manufacturer and installer of adaptive driving systems in the New England Area.

We believe independence is an important part of life, which is why we strive to build the best Adaptive Mobility Equipment products on the market.

At Automotive Innovations our primary driving control system provides low-effort control and mobility solutions for your specific requirements to operate the factory gas, brake, and steering controls. A variety of unique interfaces to the control system are available and can be mounted nearly anywhere in the driver's area of the vehicle. These "input devices," as they are called, have the look and feel of factory driving controls, but are designed specifically for the purpose of maximizing your abilities.

Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA servo steering and servo gas brake utilizes a sophisticated design to convert your limited mechanical input into the ability to manipulate the factory gas and brake pedals and or the factory steering column.

Whether you require just gas and brakes, or just steering, or gas, brakes, and steering, Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA has adaptive mobility equipment solutions for you!

Selecting Your Sure-Lok System

AL700 Titan Series Systems

With its distinctive blue webbing and highly-visible, yellow “locked” indicator tag, the AL700 Titan Retractor Series lets operators know when the retractor is in locked mode. With the auto-tensioning feature, webbing automatically retracts into the housing and stays off the floor, keeping it cleaner and longer lasting. The low-profile design minimizes interference with most wheelchairs and has a sleeker, cleaner retractor case with stud fitting to attach the occupant restraint system. Titan retractors allow operators to quickly secure a wheelchair in seconds — with only one hand.

Important Safety Information

Select Sure-Lok Products Suitable for Your Application

The Sure-Lok products that you select must be suitable for your particular application. All products shown on this website and in the catalog are designed and intended to be installed and operated with the occupant in a forward-facing orientation within the vehicle. Installation of products that are not suitable or are installed in an unsuitable manner may compromise proper securement of the wheelchair and occupant, causing injury or death to the occupant, other passengers or driver and wheelchair damage.

Read and Understand Sure-Lok Product Information

Always read and understand the operation instructions that come with Sure-Lok products, warnings and in-vehicle decals and review the Doing It Right training video. These materials provide further information regarding installation and operation. Always provide these materials to the user of the system and keep them with the vehicle at all times.

Use Sure-Lok Products as Manufactured

Always use Sure-Lok Wheelchair Securements, Occupant Restraint Systems, Track and Anchorages together. Do not modify or substitute with other non-Sure-Lok products. When used as recommended, Sure-Lok products conform to current, applicable industry standards and government regulations as stated on the website or in the catalog.

Review Application, Installation and Operation

A qualified person (an individual properly trained in securing mobility aides and positioning occupant restraints) must ensure that the intended application conforms to current, applicable industry standards and government regulations regarding the installation of wheelchair securement and occupant restraint systems.

The vehicle and/or seat manufacturer and/or vehicle modifier must review and approve the system’s location, method of installation and operation of the securement system. The vehicle floor and sidewall structures, where the system anchorages are attached, must have sufficient strength to meet applicable federal government and recommended industry standards.

Not all wheelchairs (e.g. scooter) are endorsed by their manufacturer for use as an occupant seat when transporting an individual in a motor vehicle. Contact the manufacturer of your wheelchair for their recommendation regarding alternative seating options.

Some wheelchairs are compliant with the ANSI/RESNA transit safety standard WC-19, which means that they have been dynamically tested. To determine if your wheelchair is ANSI/RESNA WC-19 compliant, refer to your wheelchair’s labeling or owner’s manual or contact the wheelchair manufacturer.

Standards Compliance

AL700 Titan Series Systems when properly used with a complete Sure-Lok System, comprised of wheelchair tie-down, a complete occupant restraint system (including lap and shoulder belt), track and anchorages are designed to meet the following requirements where applicable:

  1. 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria per SAE J2249

  2. 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria per Canadian Z605 Standard

  3. 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria per National Standards for School Buses

  4. 30mph/20g Impact Test Criteria per ISO 10542 Standard

  5. 49 CFR Part 38 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  6. 49 CFR Part 571.222 (FMVSS 222) School Bus Passenger Seating and Crash Protection

  7. FMVSS 302 Flammability Test

Reduced Effort Modifications


Reduced Effort Steering

Backup Steering Systems

Custom Steering Column Extensions

Foot Steering Systems

Servo Hand Controls

Servo Steering Controls

Horizontal Steering Systems

Secondary Controls

Electronic Gear Selection

Electronic Park Brake

Automotive Innovations is your Preferred Certified

New England Mobility Dealer

Our hand control installations are second to none.

We have had a fully equipped machine shop with equipment like lathes, milling machines, press brakes and iron workers.

We don't just mount hand controls with hose clamps like the other guys, we fabricate custom brackets for each application and take the time necessary for a quality installation that will out last the vehicle.

We offer a lifetime guaranty on our installation. If you ever feel there is something wrong with your hand controls (even if we didn't install them) please come in for a free inspection by a certified mobility craftsman.

We have more money invested in one piece of shop equipment than most shops have in all there tools combined.

We have individual craftsman with more experience than all the technicians combined at other local mobility dealers, with a better equipped shop and a higher attention to detail.

I doubt you could get a higher quality installation anywhere in the New England area.

Do you want a installation from someone who just completed a two hr online course on hand control installation or a master craftsman with 25 years of experience?

If you looking to have mobility equipment expertly installed by master craftsman call us.

We can install your used hand controls, used Ez Lock or used mobility equipment

We will alter your automobile to suit your hand control mobility needs, Automotive Innovations will help you find the perfect hand controls or mobility equipment for your vehicle and install it expertly for you.

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